Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Best Day Ever

     Ok, so I know how lots of you may have several scenarios, of how your "Best Day Ever" will be, but let me tell you how mine went.  
     This day was just a mere two days when it happened, but it seems like forever ago.  It was Nick, yes Nick.  Some of you who know me, may or may not be sick of me, telling how much I really like him, or "love".  I put love in quotations, because I haven't learned the true meaning yet, I'm still trying to find it.  
     Anyway, this all happened when he emailed me.  He was talking to me through emails, and we had a couple classes together, and those were the only times that we talked, or even acknowledged each other.  Then, THE EMAIL of a century happened!  (It should be in the history books :D )
     GuEsS wHaT hE sAiD?!?!
                That he's liked me for a while!  But not just that, but also.. (drum roll) that he wants to date me!  I'm not making any promises, but I definitely want to:/
  No one, or not many of you, read my blog, so if you do, please comment to let me know that someone actually cares enough to read my blog.  
     So that's all I have.. Kind of stupid right?  I don't know.. I sure wasn't thinking the same thing when I created this post, just saying:)  
     All is well at my house, and I'm a happy girl<3

            Love, Peace, and Music,

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