Monday, November 18, 2013

50 Things

1.  I am 5' 3"
2.  I wear size 8, 8 1/2, or 9 shoe
3.  I am currently 14 years old
4.  I have a pet dog named Moose, who is a 18.5 pound Yorkie
5.  My favourite color depends on the day
6.  I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders
7.  I currently have blonde highlights
8.  I have an OBSESSION with shoes (i have more than my mom and 2 brothers put together)
9.  My favourite restaurant is Panera
10.  At Panera, I always get the broccoli cheddar bread bowl, with a french baget and a fountain drink
11.  I hate heels
12.  I love riding my bike, and jogging to clear my head
13  I love art
14.  I'm obesssed with music
15.  My favourite bands/groups are Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, One Republic and Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
16.  I love fuzzy socks
17.  I have a crush
18.  I hate most math related subjects at school
19.  I used to do gymnastics
20.  I can do the spilts
21.  I play the clarinet
22.  I play piano
23.  I have two brothers
24.  I hate being sick (especially vomiting)
25.  I love to sit by the fire at home drinking tea or hot cocoa
26.  My favourite stores are WetSeal, Pacific Sun, Forever 21, and Aeropostale
27.  My favourite TV show is Big Bang Theory
28.  My favourite movie is the Twilight Saga, The Great Gatsby, Remember Me, and The Lion King
29.  My favourite book is The Great Gatsby, and  The Name of the Star
30.  My favourite beverages are either Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino's, Root Beer, or hot tea (of any or most flavours)
31.  I love music
32.  It is 6:37AM right now in Iowa
33.  I've never broken a bone
34.  I've sprained my ankle
35.  I love watching YouTube videos by the people I subscribe to (PewDiePie, JacksGap, Caspar Lee, Marcus Butler, etc.)
36.  I don't have a favourite candy because I love it all!
37.  I love fall
38.  I basically go barefoot all summer long
39.  My birthday is in November
40.  I love twinkly lights, especially the ones in my room
41.  I am only a morning person on Christmas
42.  My aunt has a beach house on an island that we visit in the summer
43.  I love Olive Garden's salads and soups
44.  I want to go to a Coldplay concert, Imagine Dragons concert, or a One Republic concert
45.  I woke up 20 minutes ago
46.  Twilight Woods, and Be Enchanted are my favourite Bath & Bodyworks perfumes, and shower gels
47.  I love Adventureland!
48.  Instagram is my most used social website (emmaruthhaley is the username (follow me))
49.  I hope I get a different hair colour soon
50.  If I had a British accent, I'd never shut up!

I love YouTube!

Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino<3<3<3

Coldplay Concert!

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